Lollipop Moments (Everyday Leadership)


Have you ever just thought about what is leadership? How does leadership fit into our everyday lives? Leadership is a term we often believe only belongs to individuals that are in some type of supervisory role. Have you ever considered yourself a leader? Have you ever imagined how you effect someone else’s life while not even recognizing or remembering that you have?
Drew Dudley talks about this in his TED video about Everyday Leadership. He discussed “Lollipop Moments” as to how they are related to everyday leadership. He defines “Lollipop Moments” as moments that you said, or someone did something that you or someone felt fundamentally made your life or their life better. Chances are you do not remember when you were someone’s “Lollipop Moment”. However, I am sure you remember the exact moment when someone made your life better even when they did not realize it.
Most of the time in life we do not take the opportunity or the time to let people know how they have changed our lives. We do not take the opportunity to let them know that they possess those great qualities of leadership, even when they are not trying to.
As I reflect back over my life, I remember many “lollipop moments” throughout my life. Each moment helped to mold me into the person I am today. One special “lollipop moment” that influenced my life was my pastor telling me how great I was as presenter. At an early age, I often would say that when I grew up I wanted to become a preacher. As a child, after church I would play around and pretend that I was a preacher. One Sunday, the preacher was actually listening and came in and had a seat. As I continued, he had the biggest smile on his face. After I finished, he called me to sit next to him. He then shared how great my presentation was. His small statement encouraged me throughout elementary, middle and high school. Even though I did not end up becoming a preacher, I ended up becoming involved in leadership opportunities through school. I credit my pastor’s small statement all those years ago with my being where I am now in my life and in the graduate program. I always share my personal “lollipop moment” with my pastor to show how much I appreciate his statement and how it has guided me throughout my life.
If you have the chance and you remember your special “lollipop moment” and if possible make sure you share that moment with that person so that can see how they possess the qualities of leadership even if they are not trying to. Finally, remember that someone is always watching you and you could be their “lollipop moment.”



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